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Campus & Facilities

Our school campus offers excellent facilities with the latest classroom technology and IT infrastructure. The school houses extensive sports and recreational facilities. Our facilities include: Large Auditorium and Multi Purpose Indoor Sports Hall, Mindfulness Room, Inclusion and Speech Therapy Room, STEM Laboratory, Food and Design Lab, Digital Learning Lab, Art, Dance and Movement Studio, Music Room, Drama Studio, Recording Studio, an extensive well resourced Library, Multi-purpose Sports Field, Athletic Running Track, Multiple outdoor Play Zones and an Organic Planting Garden.

Forest School and Outdoor Learning

Step beyond the classroom walls and into a world where education and exploration come alive amidst the rustling leaves and open skies. Nestled in the heart of our campus, this lush oasis invites our youngest learners to embark on sensory-filled adventures. From mini ecological expeditions to imaginative play, every corner of the Forest School sparks wonder and curiosity.


The DePS Library is a gateway to boundless imagination and knowledge. With shelves that stretch to the skies, this haven of learning is a sanctuary for curious minds. Drenched in warm light and nestled in cozy corners, it's a space that invites both quiet contemplation and spirited discussions. Whether you're lost in a novel's embrace or diving into research, the library is your companion on your journey of discovery. Welcome to a world where every page turns possibilities into reality.

Sports Pitch

Our multi-court sport hall, sports pitch and outdoor playgrounds are a dynamic arena where passion, teamwork, and sportsmanship take center stage. It is a canvas for athletes to paint their stories of determination and excellence. From heart-pounding matches that raise the adrenaline to spirited training sessions that hone skills, this is where champions are forged. Welcome to a realm where victories extend beyond scoreboards and teamwork becomes a way of life.

Fine and Performing Arts

Through a range of fine and performing art studios, students have the opportunity to develop and showcase their individual talents and passions. They engage in a variety of Performing Arts activities and clubs, which helps to develop their individual creativity and build upon character strengths.

ICT Suite Laboratory

Equipped with state-of-the-art computers, interactive displays, and the latest software, the ICT Suite Laboratory is a playground for young minds to explore the limitless possibilities of digital realms. Guided by experienced educators who are tech-savvy trailblazers, students master the digital tools that will shape their futures. Welcome to a realm where education and technology intertwine, and where the seeds of future success are sown in lines of code and strokes of creativity.

Science Laboratory

Step into a world where imagination meets experimentation, and young scientists unleash their potential in a symphony of bubbling beakers and electrifying discoveries. The Science Laboratory is more than just a room – it's a realm of wonder where students embark on captivating journeys through the realms of biology, chemistry, physics, and beyond. Here, hypotheses are transformed into hands-on reality, and textbooks come to life through engaging experiments and mind-boggling demonstrations.


Welcome to the heart of inclusivity at Deira Private School – our SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Room, where every uniqueness is celebrated and every challenge is embraced with compassion and care. In this nurturing haven, we believe that diverse abilities are the threads that weave our community together. Our SEND Room is a dedicated space where tailored support and personalized learning flourish. Here, students with special educational needs and disabilities find a safe and welcoming environment to thrive and shine. Step into a safe space where differences are celebrated, obstacles are transformed into stepping stones, and every achievement – no matter how small – becomes a triumph worth celebrating.

English Language Learning (ELL) Room

The ELL Room at DePS is where language becomes an open door to a world of communication and connection. It is a a space designed to empower students with the skills and confidence to navigate the global landscape of language. In this vibrant hub of learning, linguistic boundaries melt away, and cultural bridges are built. Led by dedicated language experts, students embark on a journey of self-expression and cross-cultural understanding. Whether it's crafting essays that paint pictures with words or engaging in lively debates, every moment here is an opportunity to grow as communicators and thinkers.


Step into a world of awe-inspiring performances and captivating presentations. With state-of-the-art sound and lighting, every moment becomes a masterpiece. From student showcases to guest lectures, this is where dreams find their voice and stories come alive. Join us for moments that resonate long after the curtains fall. Welcome to a space where inspiration knows no boundaries!