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Curriculum Overview

Offering a world-class education founded on an elaborated National Curriculum for England (NCfE)

The Deira Private School, Dubai has designed its curriculum to empower the learners and create their future. Primarily, we offer the National Curriculum for England; however, we also incorporate the goals and values of s and the rich national influence of the UAE. This results in students being offered a modern, exciting, and educationally advanced curriculum. a vibrant & creative learning environment.

Core Curriculum: National Curriculum for England
Language of Instruction: English

The National Curriculum for England is a broad and balanced curriculum applied in over 150 countries across the world. It is based on a structured and broad framework that outlines expected levels of achievement through all stages of a student’s school life.
In Years 1 to 8, the students progress through the National Curriculum for England. Integration of STEAM, coding into the curriculum, International Early Years Curriculum(IEYC), International Primary Curriculum (IPC), and International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) is an intrinsic feature of learning across the school from FS 1 to Year 8.

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