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Secondary Curriculum

Welcome to Deira Private School, a beacon of quality education where the esteemedecondary Curriculum of the National Curriculum of England and Wales converges harmoniously with the essential requirements mandated by the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic development is exemplified in our meticulously crafted curriculum for Year 7 to Year 8 students, where academic rigour meets cultural awareness, fostering well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in a global landscape.

Subjects in Years 7 to 8:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Arabic for Arabs and Non-Arabs
  • Islamic Studies for Arabs and Non-Arabs [for Muslim pupils]
  • Moral Education and UAE Social Studies [for Year 2 to Year 6]
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) [for non-Muslim pupils]
  • Humanities
  • Computing/ICT/Robotics
  • Music
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • French

In this pivotal phase of education, our Year 7 to Year 8 students embark on an enriching journey that not only nurtures their intellectual capacities but also instills a profound understanding of their local and global surroundings. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates the core subjects mandated by the UAE Ministry of Education, ensuring that students are well-prepared to meet national standards while also benefiting from the innovative and engaging elements of the UK National Secondary Curriculum.

Key highlights of our Secondary Curriculum for Year 7 to Year 8, aligned with the core subjects required by the Ministry of Education in the UAE:
  • Core Subjects Integration: Our curriculum embraces the core subjects stipulated by the Ministry of Education, including Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, and Moral Education. We ensure that students not only meet the UAE's educational requirements but also engage deeply with their heritage and values.
  • UK Secondary Curriculum Excellence: While adhering to the UAE's academic guidelines, we seamlessly weave in the best practices and dynamic pedagogical approaches of the UK Secondary Curriculum. This fusion creates an educational experience that not only meets local expectations but also prepares students for global challenges.
  • Language Proficiency: Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on language proficiency in both English and Arabic, including French. By cultivating strong language skills, students become effective communicators, well-equipped to navigate diverse linguistic environments.
  • Cultural and Global Awareness: In a world characterised by interconnectivity, we nurture cultural and global awareness. By integrating international perspectives into our curriculum, students gain a broader understanding of the world while maintaining a strong connection to their local context.
  • Inclusive Learning: Recognising the diversity of our student body, our curriculum caters to different learning styles and abilities. Through differentiated instruction, we ensure that each student can excel and progress at their own pace.
  • Critical Thinking and Innovation: Our curriculum encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation. Students are challenged to analyse, question, and explore, equipping them with skills that are vital for success in both academic and real-world settings.
  • Assessment for Progress: We view assessment as a tool for growth. Our assessment strategies focus on tracking progress, identifying strengths and areas of improvement, and providing constructive feedback to foster continuous advancement.
  • Parental Engagement: We believe that education is a collaborative effort between the school and parents. Regular communication, parent-teacher conferences, and involvement in student activities create a supportive and conducive learning environment.

At Deira Private School, our curriculum for Year 7 to Year 8 is a testament to our dedication to fostering knowledgeable, culturally aware, and globally conscious individuals who are poised to excel academically and contribute meaningfully to society. Join us in this educational journey where local values merge with international perspectives, empowering students to become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.