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Our school uniform at DePS is part of our identity and all students should take pride in wearing it. The aim of our uniform is for students to present a neat, work-like appearance at all times and to take pride in being members of Deira Private School. Personal presentation is very important and a high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students at all times.

The uniform is compulsory throughout the school and may be purchased from the school store. Please ensure all uniform items are clearly labeled with the child’s name and class. Name tapes are excellent or, alternatively, a waterproof marker pen.

Please find below the list of School Uniform:

For EYFS1 to EYFS2
  • Boys - Blue Polo Tshirt with Navy Blue Shorts or Pants
  • Girls - Blue Polo Tshirt with Tartan Skorts or Pants

For Year 1 to Year 2
  • Boys - Blue Polo Tshirt or Buttoned Shirt with Navy Blue Shorts or Pants
  • Girls - Blue Polo Tshirt or Buttoned Shirt with Tartan Skorts or Pants

For Year 3 to Year 6
  • Boys - Blue Buttoned Shirt with Pants
  • Girls - Blue Buttoned Shirt with Tartan Skorts or Pants

PE and Winter Uniforms
  • Smart Black School Shoes and White Socks are mandatory on regular school days
  • Non-marking White Sports Shoes with White Socks should be worn for PE days as per your child’s’ timetable

Students may wear a watch. However, watches that can connect to the internet will not be permitted in formal examinations. Girls may wear one small ear stud in each ear lobe. No other piercings are permitted. Jewellery items of religious significance may only be worn with prior approval by the school, following a formal written parent request.

School Uniform Policy

  • Boys - Hair must be well off the collar at the back and off the ears and face, no shorter than a number two barber cut. Shaved heads are not acceptable. We request no coloured gel, wax or mousse etc. be used when styling hair and no exaggerated styles.
  • Girls - Hair should be tied back fully off the face. The sensible use of hair accessories is acceptable to keep hair orderly as long as they are plain white, dark blue or black. Make-up and all nail polish are not permitted at Deira Private School.
School Bags

Students may use a bag of their choosing. Trolley bags are not permitted in accordance with the Health & Safety guidelines from Dubai Municipality. Pupils should take home only those books they need for homework each day and reading books.