Deira Private School


Our school uniform at DePS is part of our identity and all students should take pride in wearing it.

The school uniform is as follows:
  • School skirts, shorts or trousers (tartan check)
  • School polo shirt (pale yellow with school logo)
  • White or black/navy blue socks
  • Black/Navy formal shoes(leather/faux leather). N.B. Trainers are not acceptable.
  • School hat/cap for outdoor activities / breaktimes
  • Black/Navy hair bands for long hair.
On PE days:
  • School sports shorts or track suit trousers (Navy blue)
  • School T-shirt (pale yellow with school logo)
  • White sports socks
  • Black or white trainers / plimsolls

Coloured socks, trainers, sweaters, hoodies and jackets are not permitted. Loose jewellery is discouraged for safety reasons. Watches and ear studs may be worn. The daily uniform and the PE uniform are not interchangeable.